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How to Uninstall an ExakTime Desktop Application (AccountLinx, SyncLinx, or SyncCenter)

In the event that you need to uninstall an ExakTime application, such as AccountLinx or SyncCenter, you can do so from the Settings screen of Windows 10. Depending on your computer permissions, you may need to consult with your computer administrator or IT professional.

In our example below, we will be uninstalling SyncCenter, and the steps provided are intended for Windows 10, but may also work for older/newer versions of Windows.

  1. Click the "Start" icon from your taskbar.


  2. Click the gear icon to open your Settings window.


  3. Click Apps.


  4. Search for the ExakTime application. It is generally prefixed with "ExakTime." In our example below, we can see "ExakTime SyncCenter."


  5. Click the application and click Uninstall, then Uninstall again. 


  6. Once the ExakTime application has been uninstalled, there is nothing further to do. You can now reinstall the applications if needed.
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