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Why Does ExakTime Connect Automatically Log Me Out From Inactivity?

When using ExakTime Connect, you may notice that when you come back to ExakTime, you will be logged out. ExakTime Connect will automatically log out users after 30 minutes if it does not detect any activity on the page for security purposes. When you are near the 30-minute mark, the website will ask if you are still there to extend the session.

While this may not be an issue if you are actively using the website, it is still possible to be logged out due to inactivity, despite using the website. This is due to having another tab/window open for ExakTime Connect. If another tab/window does not detect any activity, it will log you out, causing all other ExakTime Connect windows to log you out.

If you are being logged out immediately after logging in, you may need to correct the date and time of your computer. The following article provides more information on this issue.


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