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Using the ExakTime Forms Report

ExakTime Forms in Connect are questions prompted to employees at the time of Clocking Out to monitor employee lunch break and injury reporting compliance.

The Employee ExakTime Forms Report displays the employee responses to ExakTime forms without the need to thumb through the time cards.

If you would like more information about the general use of reports, you can refer to the following article.

Navigating to the ExakTime Forms Report
  • Click Reports from the menu bar.


  • Click Meal Break Report under the Audit section.


Report Specific Options

The report offers a set of report specific options:


  • Show Employee/Location/Cost Code ID - Show the ID of the entity in addition to the name.
  • Sort By - Sort the list of employees by their name or ID. If "Show Employee ID" is not enabled, this option will not be available.
  • Display Question As - Show the full questions or just the summarized name of the question on the report (EX: "Were you injured at work today?" vs. "Injured" )
  • Include responses associated with deleted time records - If enabled, will show any responses that are tied to previously deleted records on the report
  • Hide Signature images - If enabled, able to hide the employee signatures from appearing on the report.
  • Show each employee on a separate page - If enabled, each employee will be shown on their own page(s). Useful when you need to review/provide the report for individual employees.

Example of Report


The report will group up all of an employee's ExakTime Form Responses together with columns for:

  • Employee Name
  • Date - Date and time of the time record that has the ExakTime Form Response(s).
  • Location - The location of the time record for the ExakTime Form Response(s).
  • Cost Code - The cost code of the time record for the ExakTime Form Response(s).
  • Question - The question/prompt for the employee to answer.
  • Response - The response/signature of the employee for the given question/prompt.

You can also save the report in an XLS or XLSX format to more easily view/filter the responses.

ETC - Reports - Mobile Forms - XLS XLSX.png

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