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Changing the Default Folder Part/File Name for AccountLinx Exports

When exporting your time records from AccountLinx, it may ask you where you want to save the file and the file name for your export for certain accounting packages. The default folder path and file name can be changed to speed up this process. It will still ask you how you want to save it, but the folder path and file name you selected will be prepopulated.

  • Go to Tools and click Exporter Settings.


  • Click Advanced to open the Advanced Settings window.



  • Click Browse to change the default folder for saving your exports.


  • Click the "create a custom export filename" to enable it and enter the information for how you want the file name to be formatted.
    • We recommend naming the file with an increment number and date so it is recognizable amongst past exports.
    • It may help to double-check if your accounting/payroll application requires a specific file name when importing.


  • Click OK when finished.
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