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Resetting Exported Records to Re-Export Time From AccountLinx

After AccountLinx has exported records for an employee, the employee's time records are marked as having been exported with an Resetting_Exported_Records_From_AccountLinx__360007770193__Exported.png icon on the Time Card Detail page of ExakTime Connect and their time records will be "hidden" on AccountLinx. This is to prevent any records from being exported again and result in an employee receiving more time than expected. If for any reason the export must be done again, you can do so by resetting the exported records with the steps below.

 Delete Exported Time in Accounting/Payroll FIRST

If the time data has already reached your accounting or job costing application, it is advised to remove the time data from your accounting/payroll application prior to re-exporting the time from AccountLinx to prevent duplicate time entries. AccountLinx is unable to remove time from your accounting/payroll application and must be done manually by you. 


How To Reset Exported Records

  1. With AccountLinx open, select the date range in the top right. After selecting the date range, press View. This is to confirm what date range you want to reset.


  2. On the left-hand side, select any number of employees that you wish to re-export records for.


  3. Go to Tools and click Reset Exported Records.


  4. A message will appear indicating the date range that you will be resetting records for and a warning that any records that are currently in your accounting/payroll application will NOT be removed. AccountLinx lacks the ability to remove these records from your accounting/payroll application and will need to be removed manually by you.
    When ready, click OK.


  5. Shortly after, the records will be marked as unexported and be made available to export again.


  6. Click Clear above the employee list as the employees will be selected, but the time that was reset has not been selected.
  7. Go through your export process as normal. If you would like help with best practices for the export process, you can refer to: How to Export Time to your Accounting Package
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