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Using the Missed Clock Ins/Outs Report for ExakTime

The "Missed Clock Ins/Outs" report helps with identifying missed punches by employees at a quick glance. This would be the same as looking for exception markers on the Time Card Details page but allows you to view them in bulk rather than per individual Time Card.

This is useful for helping resolve payroll issues with inaccurate time by focusing on the employees with time punches that need to be corrected and providing managers/employees the report so they can fill in the blanks for you to enter into ExakTime Connect. 

It is also important to view the affected employee's time card so you can see the context as to why there may be a missing clock in/out. For example, an employee may have clocked out twice or clocked in after clocking out for the day on accident.

If you would like more information about the general use of reports, you can refer to the following article.

Navigating to the ExakTime Forms Report
  • Click Reports from the menu bar.


  • Click Missed Clock Ins/Outs under the Employee section.


Report Specific Options

The "Missed Clock Ins/Outs" report offers the following options:


  • Show Employee ID - Show the Employee's ID in addition to the employee's name.
  • Show Location ID - Show the Location IDs in addition to the location's name.
  • Sort by - Sort the Employees by either ID or Name. This option is not available if "Show Employee ID" is not enabled. 
  • Separate Names and IDs with - Separate name and ID columns with one of four available options
  • Show each Employee on a separate page - Choose to have each individual employee show on their own separate page. It is possible for an employee to have multiple pages if they have enough data to show.

Example of Report


The report will list your employees and their records to be corrected with columns for:

  • Day
  • Date
  • Start Time
  • Start Location
  • Stop Time
  • Stop Location
  • Suspected Error


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