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Excluding Cost Codes from Policies in ExakTime

Cost codes are primarily used by ExakTime to track an employee's actions throughout their work day. These cost codes can offer a more detailed breakdown of your employees' day and help when generating reports for time cards, job-costing, and more. In ExakTime, cost codes can be used for specific features and options, such as to help track Travel time, timestamps, and more. Excluding a cost code is an option for policies where if any time record uses an 'excluded cost code', it will not be affected by policies that would usually apply to them.

Any time records using an 'excluded cost code' will:

  • Not count towards overtime and will always be considered regular time.
  • Not be rounded by any time roundings.
  • Not have 'Auto-lunch' deductions.
  • Not be affected by 'Travel' policies.

 Consult Legal Counsel

If you are unsure of the legality of excluding a cost code from policies for your region/union, it is advised to consult with your legal counsel prior to enabling this option.

Table of Contents

Setting Up An Excluded Cost Code

An 'Excluded Cost Code' will only affect employees that would belong to the Policy group with the option enabled. This can help in instances where a cost code must be excluded for one policy group, but not for another. 

  • Go to Manage and click Policies.


  • Select an existing policy group or create a new group.


  • Enable Exclude Cost Codes if it has not been enabled yet with the checkbox. If it has been enabled, click Exclude Cost Codes to select the cost codes that should be excluded.


  • Select the cost code(s) that should be ignored by your policies. If the cost code is not listed, make sure that it has been added or is currently active.


  • Save any changes when finished.

If you set up a new policy group, you can assign the policy group through the policies page or through the employee's profile.

How It Looks

In our example below, the employee's time card has a time record with an excluded cost code, Vacation. Because the Vacation cost code has been excluded, the auto-lunches did not apply and it will not count toward overtime calculations, resulting in the employee working 42:30 regular hours when it would normally be 40 regular hours and 2:30 overtime hours.


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