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How to Create a New Employee Policy Group in ExakTime

Policies are used to help calculate your employees' overtime, round their time, help track their meal breaks, and more. The policies you create will only apply to employees with the assigned policy, allowing you to create multiple policy groups to address certain groups of employees such as temp, standard employees, contract, salary, etc. 

We include a default policy group that can apply to all of your general employees and new hires. If you need a different policy group for your employees, a new policy group can be created to fit your needs. Before creating a new policy group, it may help to discuss with other key decision-makers what should be enabled to ensure compliance with your local labor laws and union rules.

  • Go to Manage and click Policies.


  • Click Add Policy Group towards the left of the Policies window.


  • Enter a descriptive name for the policy group (e.g. Temp, Salary, Union, etc.). 


  • Enable and set up the necessary policies for the employee such as overtime, roundings, etc. Clicking the name of the policy will show you the available options towards the right. Clicking the checkbox will enable the option and show you the available options.
    • If you are unfamiliar with employee policies, you can refer to the following article.


  • Click Save when finished.
  • After creating the policy group, you will need to assign the policy group from either the employee profile or the policies page.
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