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Setting a Cost Code to Always be Regular Time for ExakTime

Cost codes are used by ExakTime to help your employees track their activities throughout their workday to help create their time cards. Having multiple cost codes to track specific activities can help you and your employees with creating more detailed time cards for accurate job costing and to take advantage of certain ExakTime features, such as 'Excluding Cost Codes'.

A common use for 'excluding a cost code' is for an employee's time record(s) to not calculate towards overtime and to always be considered 'regular time'. For example, you may have a 'Holiday' cost code for instances in which an employee should be paid for the day, but the hours should not count towards overtime.

In addition to not being counted towards overtime calculations, a time record with an 'excluded cost code' will also:

  • Not be rounded by any time roundings.
  • Not have 'Auto-lunch' deductions.
  • Not be affected by 'Travel' policies.

If a cost code in use by your company should be excluded from policies, you can refer to the following dedicated article that goes over the setup of this option and how it would affect a time card


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