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How to Set Up a Biweekly Overtime Policy for ExakTime

The Biweekly overtime policy can be used to help you calculate an employee's weekly overtime over a two-week span instead of a single week, if permitted for your region or industry.

Calculating biweekly overtime hours differs from calculating weekly and paying biweekly. As it takes both weeks into account, it is possible for an employee to work 50 hours for the first week and not receive any overtime.

Enabling the Biweekly Setting

  • Go to Manage and click Company Settings from the menu bar.


  • Click the Time and Attendance tab.


  • Enable the 'Use biweekly dates for policy calculation' option. Specify when the biweekly start date should start with the date field/calendar icon.


  • For more information about any other company setting, you can refer to the following article.
  • Save any changes to your company settings.

Setting Up Weekly Overtime

  • Go to Manage and click Policies from the menu bar.


  • Select an existing policy group or create a new policy group.


  • Enable and click Weekly option under Overtime.


  • Check the box for bi-weekly overtime.


  • Enable and set the appropriate overtime/doubletime thresholds for your biweekly overtime. The thresholds are typically 80h/120h, but this can differ depending on your company or needs.


  • For more information about any of the other policy options, you can refer to the following article.
  • Save any changes to your company settings.
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