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How Employees Can Add Locations From ExakTime Mobile

Normally for a location to be added, we would advise adding the locations from ExakTime Connect to prevent duplicate locations and consistent naming structure. If necessary though, employees can be given permission to add locations from within ExakTime Mobile. This can be useful when employees have a sudden request or if there is no pre-determined schedule.

 Location Name Consistency

Before enabling this option we would highly advise that you and your employees have a consistent naming structure when adding locations to prevent the duplication of locations due to different expectations (i.e. Employee A is expecting the location name "20000 Street Name" while you may have entered the location as "Client Name: 2000 Street Name.") If the employee cannot find it at first, they may report to adding a duplicate version of the location and cause confusion when viewing time cards or generating reports. For information on what to do with duplicate locations, you can refer to What To Do If There Is A Duplicate Location

Enabling Permission to Add New Locations

  • Go to Manage and click Security Roles.


  • ExakTime Mobile will be selected by default. Select the ExakTime Mobile security role or add a new security role.


  • On the right-hand side will be your permissions. Enable the option for Locations under Add.


  • Click Save.

How To Add a Location from ExakTime Mobile

  • Press the three lines in the top left.


  • Press Manage.


  • Press Locations.


  • Press + in the top right and start adding a new location.


  • There will be a prompt to use the GPS from the mobile device with the location to create the initial Geofence. 


  • Enter information for this location. The only requirement is a name for the location, but you can enter a location number/ID, address, etc.


  • Press Save.

The employee will be able to use the location on their device to clock in to. After the employee clocks in to the location or syncs their device, the location is sent to ExakTime Connect to be used throughout the rest of the system. 

How Other Employees Can Use A Recently Added Location

If another employee needs to use a recently added location by another ExakTime Mobile user, they can either use the device that was used to create the location initially to clock in or they can perform a few steps to see/use the new location on their own device.

  • After a location has been added on ExakTime Mobile, the creator will need to either sync their copy of ExakTime Mobile or clock in to the newly created location. 
  • Once ExakTime Connect has received the new location, it will be prepared and made ready for all other copies of ExakTime Mobile to see and use.
  • Shortly after, all other employees can sync their copies of ExakTime Mobile to see the latest active locations, with the recently created location included.

What To Do If There Is A Duplicate Location

In the event of a duplicate location being added, it is possible to merge these locations into a single location for data integrity. After the locations have been merged, it may be best to speak to your employees about the location that should be used so your employees do not add another duplicate. The following article covers the "Merge Locations" function: How To Merge Locations

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