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Overview of ExakTime Mobile & Features

ExakTime Mobile is our mobile app that allows Android and iOS users to clock in/out, review their time cards, and other functions such as sending Field Notes.

As ExakTime Mobile has many different functions and uses, we will have a short summary of the sections and links to more detailed articles for easier review. The functions listed below may not be present for all employees as you can tailor their experience/abilities with the Security Roles sections of ExakTime Mobile.

For more information regarding ExakTime Mobile Security Roles, please refer to the following article: ExakTime Mobile Permissions And What They Do


Pressing the three lines in the top left of ExakTime Mobile allows you to open the menu for ExakTime Mobile and access many possible functions/features.


  • Time Clock - Where employees can clock in/out and review their time records.
  • Approvals - Employees can approve their own or other employees' time cards.
  • Time Off - Request time off and review previous requests. 
  • JobClock Reader - Collect from supported JobClocks via Bluetooth.
  • Field Notes - Send pictures, notes, and audio recordings to ExakTime Connect.
  • SiteHub - See some recent punch activity at a location, navigation, and nearby hospitals/restaurants.
  • Expenses - Submit an expense for review in ExakTime Connect.
  • GeoTrakker - Review GeoTrakker for the employee that is logged in or other employees.
  • Manage - Review and add employees, locations, cost codes, equipment, and/or crews/groups.
  • Settings - Adjust how ExakTime Mobile functions for this device such as how often ExakTime Mobile syncs if it auto logs out, how names are displayed etc. Some settings are only accessible with a specific ExakTime Mobile security permission.
  • Help - Access some ExakTime Mobile help resources and miscellaneous information for troubleshooting.
Time Clock

The Time Clock of ExakTime Mobile is the first thing you will see when you first set up and open ExakTime Mobile. From the time clock your employees can clock in/out, clock in/out for others, and review their time cards.

Clock In

The Clock in screen is perhaps the most used function of ExakTime Mobile where your employees can clock in/out for their day.


  1. Elapsed Time - Track how long you have been on the clock based on your latest clock in. Tapping the chevron icon to the right will give you more information of the latest known clock in.
  2. GPS Indicator - This icon will help indicate if ExakTime Mobile is able to receive GPS data from your mobile device. Tapping on the icon will show you the current position of the mobile device.
    • Overview__ExakTime_Mobile__360006415813__EM_iOS_-_Solid_GPS.png GPS has good fix on your relative position.
    • Overview__ExakTime_Mobile__360006415813__EM-iOS---Blinking-GPS.gif Searching for GPS position.
    • Overview__ExakTime_Mobile__360006415813__EM_iOS_-_NO_GPS.png GPS access has been disabled or denied.
  3. Overview__ExakTime_Mobile__360006415813__EM_iOS_-_Sync_Icon.png Sync ExakTime Mobile.
  4. GO/STOP buttons - Used to clock in/out. The STOP button will not be accessible if ExakTime does not detect the employee as having an open Clock In record. 
  5. Force Clock Out - If ExakTime Mobile does not detect that the employee has clocked in yet, the STOP button will be grayed out to prevent employees from mistakenly clocking out. If the employee needs to clock out, they can press the i EM_-_Force_Clock_Out_-_01.png icon to forcibly clock out.
  6. Meal Break - Meal break allows an employee to start and end their meal break manually. 
  7. Last Updated - The last time that ExakTime Mobile has synced.
  8. X Employees Clock In - Employees That Used The Device To Clock In. This option will only appear for employees that have been given permission to see employees that have clocked in and is intended for shared devices. If employees clock in on their own device, they will not appear in this listing.

Current Position

Clicking on the GPS icons listed above will show you the current position of the employee based on the location data from the mobile device if possible.


Clock For

Clock For is generally used by supervisors/foremen/project managers to clock in for other employees. Can be used with crews/groups to clock in multiple employees with minimal button presses.

The employee would select the employee or crew that is working, what location should be used, and the cost code.

For more information on how you can create crews/groups or how to clock in for other employees, please refer to the following articles: Basics to Crews and Groups and Setting Up "Clock For" for ExakTime Mobile


Time Card

Time cards allow an employee to review their own time card. Supervisors can review and manage the time cards of other employees. 

For more information about time cards on ExakTime Mobile, you can refer to the following dedicated article.



History will show the records created on the device and if the records have been sent or not from the past 2 weeks. This can be used to confirm if an employee used the device to clock in/out and if they were sent.

Tapping a record will show you more information about the time record. If the record has not been sent, the information can be modified if it has not been sent yet or attempted to be sent.

For more information about History for ExakTime Mobile, refer to the following dedicated article.


Team View

Team View shows the last known position of an employee at the time of their clock in.

  • Tapping a pin will show the employee's name.
  • Tapping the magnifying glass allows you to search for an employee.

For more information, refer to the following dedicated article.



Approvals allow an employee or supervisor the ability to approve their own time card or the time card of other employees. 

For more information about Time Card Approvals, you can refer to the following dedicated article about the setup and use.


Time Off

Time off is an optional feature for ExakTime that allows an employee to request time off and admins to approve time off requests from ExakTime Mobile. Time off is initially set up from ExakTime Connect. If you are an administration and would like to learn more about Time Off, please refer to the following dedicated article.


Field Notes

Field notes allow your employees to send notes, pictures, and voice recordings to ExakTime Connect.

For more information regarding field notes, please refer to the following dedicated article.


Site Hub
SiteHub shows you:
  • Recent activity at a location such as employees clocking in and field notes about the location.
  • A small map showing where the location is and a shortcut to navigating to/from the location.
  • Yelp suggestions for nearby restaurants and hospitals.

For more information regarding SiteHub, please refer to the following dedicated article.


JobClock Reader
JobClock Reader allows you to collect from supported JobClocks via Bluetooth so you can send the records over Wi-Fi or over cellular data.



Scheduling allows employees to review their own or other schedules.

For more information regarding Scheduling, please refer to the following dedicated article.


Manage lets you see and add employees, locations, cost codes, equipment, groups, and related information.



Employees can add new expenses that can be reviewed from ExakTime Connect.

For more information regarding expenses, you can refer to the following article.EM_-_New_-_Expenses_-_01.png


GeoTrakker allows employees to review their own or other employees' GeoTrakker data, depending on the level of permission.

For more information regarding ExakTime Mobile, you can refer to the following article.



ExakTime Mobile has settings that can change how information is viewed and how ExakTime Mobile can function. Some of these settings can only be manipulated by an ExakTime Mobile Administrator.

For more information regarding ExakTime Mobile settings, you can refer to the following article.


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