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Search in ExakTime Mobile Mobile Groups Menu

ExakTime is adding the familiar search capabilities used throughout ExakTime Mobile to the Mobile Groups list found under Manage. Employees with permission will be able to search the group names to find the group they want to review or update. After selecting a group, user can easily search for the employee, location, cost code, or equipment they want to add or remove to/from the group.

 ExakTime Mobile 2.70+

To take advantage of all of these features, ExakTime Mobile must be updated to version 2.70 at least.

When a user with sufficient permission presses Crews (Employee Groups), Location Groups, Cost Code Groups, or Equipment Groups under the Manage menu of ExakTime Mobile, they will see new search functionality. They will be able to search by full or part of the group name to limit the list of groups they see.


When viewing, adding, or removing employees, locations, cost codes, or equipment in a group, a search will make it easier to find the needed records.


Search is available when viewing or editing groups.

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