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History Tab for Creating a Data Export in Core HR

The "History" tab displays information for all exports that have been successfully executed in the last 30 days, either manually or on a schedule. From here, you can determine the number of employees exported in each report and view the exported file.

Navigating to History Tab for a Data Export
  • Expand Data, expand Exports, and click Manage from the menu.

    CHR - Menu - Data - Exports - Manage - 00.png

  • Click the name of an existing data export or go to the Actions drop-down menu and click Create Export. If creating a new export, you also have to complete the "Properties" tab first.

    CHR - Data - Exports - Manage - Create - Edit - 01.png

  • Click the History tab.

    CHR - Data - Exports - Manage - Tabs - History - 00.png


Date Range

Clicking the filter icon CHR_-_Filter_Icon.png allows you to filter list by the start and end date fields.


History Tab Fields


There will be columns for:

  • Export - The name of the Export.
  • Export Date - The Date the export was executed.
  • Data Type - The "Data Type" is selected on the "Properties" Tab.
  • Export Format - Indicates if the export is a Full or Change file.
  • Executed By - Will list the name of the administrator or if run on a schedule, System Process will be listed.
  • View File - Click the "Open" link to view the file.
  • # Employees - This is the number of employees in the file. Depending on the file, this may not be the number of records in the file. When in test mode it will display the # of Employees as zero.
  • Rollback Change Log - This option will update the change log records back to a pending status. Use this option when a file that resets the change log(setting on Properties Tab) needs to be re-run.
    • For example, if a carrier file needs to be re-submitted due to a Carrier error.*If an export that resets the change log is not rolled back, the changes may not be included in subsequent files, especially termination records.

Deleting a History Record

  1. Select the History Records(s) to delete with the checkboxes towards the right-hand side.

    CHR - Data - Exports - Filters - 04.png

  2. Select Delete Selected Record(s) from the drop-down menu.

    CHR - Data - Exports - Filters - 05.png

  3. Confirm the deletion of the filter(s).

    CHR - Data - Exports - Filters - 06.png

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