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Uploading Your Logo and Updating Your Branding Information for the ATS

Branding information allows you to customize some aspects of your job postings and applications such as uploading your company logo, entering the URL of your website/career page, and showing your company address. 

Logo Requirements

Your company logo must not be larger than 150 pixels wide or 60 pixels high. For context, we have provided an example of how large a 150 x 60 pixel image would appear.


Configuring Your Branding Information

  1. Click Administration from the menu bar of the ATS.


  2. Click Account Information from the list on the left-hand side.


  3. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page for the 'Branding Information' section. Use the drop-down menu for 'Branding Mode' and specify how you want the company logo displayed.

    ATS - Branding Information - 00.png

  4. Enter the home page for your company website and/or your career/open jobs page.

    ATS - Branding Information - 02.png

  5. Drag-and-drop your company logo image file into the dotted box or use the "Click here to select an image file" link to upload the file from your computer.

    ATS - Branding Information - 03.png

  6. Click Save Information when finished.
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