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How to Enable Job Requisition Process

A Job Requisition Approval Process can be created to designate contacts that need to review a job posting before it goes live.

When creating a job requisition process:

  • There is no limit to the number of job requisition approval processes that can be created in the ATS.
  • An Approval Process can have up to 15 levels of approvers. Multiple approvers can be to a single level. Each approver can have a designated backup.
  • Approvers on the same level will get a request email at the same time and only one needs to approve the requisition for it to move to the next approver level.

Enabling Job Requisitioning

  • To begin, click Administration from the top menu of the Applicant Tracking System.


  • Click Account Information on the left-hand side from the list. It is the first option listed.


  • Click the Yes/No toggle so it displays 'Yes' for Job Requisition Process.


  • Click Save Information at the bottom of the Account Information page.


Setting Up Job Requisition Approvals

Resources for setting up and managing your Job Requisition workflow can be found here:

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