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Agency Portal: Agency Portal User

How Portal user will use the software

  1. Login.
  2. Click on the job title.
  3. Submit Prospects.
  4. Enter Prospect Information:
    • First Name: Prospect’s First Name
    • Last Name: Prospect’s Last Name
    • Confidential Identifier: Ability to ID the person confidentially. This is used in place of first and last name -if a first and or last name is used this will not show. If the first and last names are both blank the confidential identifier will be displayed in place of their name.
      • This is used by some agencies so that the client doesn’t know who the person is and search/contact them directly for the job. If the client reaches out to the candidate directly and hires them, the agency may not get credit / paid for their find.
    • Upload Resume: Upload the Prospect’s resume
    • Submitting Agency Name: In case of a subsidiary of the agency, like a subcontractor, otherwise defaults to whatever agency assigned to that user.
    • Email Address: For the specific recruiter to be emailed on approval or declination.

None of the above fields are required.

  1. Acceptance or Declination of prospects (Client side).
    • Client will click the Prospect Identifier to review uploaded document (downloads to their computer).
    • Client makes a decision and takes action by clicking the Accept (check mark) or Decline (X) on the appropriate Prospect Identifier.
    • A pop up is displayed to confirm your decision.
    • Action now shows that an email has been sent, and that you can resend this email if necessary.

Email Samples

Declined Email Body

Your Candidate Has Been Declined

Dear Agency,
Candidate John Doe has been declined by ColonialWebb:

for Arcoro-Test-Portal in Urbandale,IA.
terms and conditions | contact XXXXXXX

Arcoro Simplify the hunt...

Acceptance Email Body

Agency will then send the acceptance email to their prospect to apply to the job.

Your Candidate Has Been Accepted!

Dear Agency,
Candidate Jane Doe has been accepted by ColonialWebb:

for Arcoro-Test-Portal in Urbandale,IA.

Please have them apply to the job using the link below:
Job Application Link

terms and conditions | contact XXXXXXX

Arcoro Simplify the hunt...

Forward Acceptance email to Prospect

Agency Forwards the acceptance email with the hyperlink to the prospect to apply.

Prospect Applies

The prospect receives the email (with hyperlink), clicks the link to apply. The URL is specific to that job and that source:

Client View

Once the Prospect applies the client would see them under the appropriate job and work them through their hiring process as normal.

Agency Portal User View

The Agency viewer would see the job list like normal. Now that they have a prospect that has applied they can click on the Agency Applicant Report to run the report to see the status of their prospect within the client’s hiring process.

Click on Agency Applicant Report to run the report.

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