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Granting Permission for Goal Management

Goals can be created by an employee, manager, or Administrator. Typically, goals are created and tracked for a given period of time and used to help employees work towards meeting company and career goals, job responsibilities, and more.

Comments can be attached to the goals to keep track of progress.

Goals can be managed in two ways on Evaluation forms to allow for a self and/or manager review of the goals; the previous review cycle's goals, and/or the upcoming review cycle's goals (via the manage goals section).

Granting Goal Management Permission

By default, employees are only able to comment and manage attachments for goals. Employees can receive permission to add and copy goals with the steps below.

  • Click Account Admin towards the top-right.


  • Click Edit towards the left of the employee's name.


  • Click the Roles tab.


  • Enable "Employee Goal Management".


  • Save any changes.

What Your Users Can Do

  • Employees - Employees can create a goal. After the goal is created, their manager will need to approve the goal. Once approved, the goal status will be "Incomplete". The employee will then be able to add comments on how they are progressing against the goal throughout the duration of the goal.
  • Managers - Managers are able to create, assign, approve, edit, delete, comment, copy and view goals for their direct reports. Managers have view-only rights of goals for any indirect reports.
  • Admins - Admins are able to create, assign, approve, edit, delete, comment, copy and view goals for any user.
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