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Reviewing Evaluations from Performance Homepage

The home page for Performance allows you to access evaluations that are due, completed, your own, or those pending approval. 

Evaluations Due


All Evaluations that require your attention will appear here. An evaluation that displays in this queue can be printed by clicking the print icon that displays to the right of each form.

Evaluations that fall into the following categories will display in this queue:

  • Incomplete self-evaluations where an employee is rating themselves.
  • Incomplete manager evaluations where the manager is rating an employee.
  • Completed evaluations that need to be approved or rejected (i.e. as an additional approver).
  • Approved evaluations that are completed and ready to be finalized.
  • Evaluations an employee completed but was rejected by an additional approver.
  • Evaluations that have been re-opened by an Administrator.

Completed Evaluations


Completed evaluations will appear here, including evaluations that an employee was the “Rater” on, self-evaluations that an employee completed, and evaluations that an employee completed for someone they manage.

My Evaluations


Evaluations on which an employee was being “Rated”. This includes self-evaluations and evaluations that the employee's manager has completed on them. Manager ratings should only display on an evaluation in this queue once they have been approved by all additional approvers (if assigned).

Pending Approvals


This queue displays all evaluations completed, either as the employee or as their manager, that are awaiting approval. The name of the next approver will also display.

If you no longer have an evaluation assigned, the evaluation has expired and you will need to contact the Administrator or Human Resources and may need to have the evaluation reassigned. If the "must be completed by" date has passed, an Administrator can increase the number of days in this field to have the evaluation placed back in the queue of the person who needs to take action.

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