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Understanding the Evaluation Workflow in Performance

While there is a set structure for the Approval Workflow, can be configured to an extent. 

Example of Workflow

Below is an example of a full Evaluation process:

  1. Evaluation Assigned - The Evaluation is assigned and a notification is sent.
  2. Self Evaluation - Self-evaluations are to be completed by the employee. The self-evaluation can be skipped depending on how the Evaluation was set up.
  3. Manager Evaluation - The Manager completes the employee Evaluation.
    • If there is a manager change, the evaluation will be unassigned from the current manager and reassigned to the new manager automatically.
    • If the Evaluation has completed the approval workflow when a manager change happens, the evaluation will go back through the approval process. The new manager will have the ability to make changes to the evaluation (ratings, comments, etc.).
  4. 2nd-Level Manager & Additional Approvals - The Manager's Manager and/or Additional Approvals can approve/reject and offer feedback/comments to the direct Manager of the employee. The Evaluation Workflow cannot progress until all additional approvers have approved the Evaluation.
  5. Employee Reviews Comments - The employee is able to view the manager's comments and prepare for a meeting with the Manager to review.
  6. Employee & Manager Meeting - The Manager(s) and employee meet to review the evaluation. 
  7. Evaluation Finalized - After both parties have reviewed the evaluation, the employee and manager will finalize the Evaluation.

Adjusting the Workflow

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