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How To Complete Self-Evaluations in Performance

Evaluations can be completed from the "Evaluations Due" section on the Home page of Performance Management.

  1. Open the evaluation by clicking the PERF_-_Icon_-_00.png icon under the 'Evaluation Form' column.


  2. Complete the evaluation questions. Take note of any required questions.


  3. Click Finish Later if you want to save your current responses and return later. You can continue the self-evaluation from the "Evaluations Due" page like when you initially started it.


  4. Enter your digital signature to complete the evaluation if needed. 


  5. Click Save as Complete when finished.


  6. If an error appears when you click Save as Complete, make sure you have completed all the required fields and try again.
  7. The Manager will receive a notification to inform him/her the evaluation has been completed and they can complete the form.
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