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Talent Slate for Succession

This is a great tool, especially for larger organizations to help locate talent internally. The filter options allow you to search via any competency but keep in mind, this is really anything you are rating the employee on within an evaluation.

Navigating to Talent Slate
  • Click Talent Slate from the menu bar of the Succession module.


  • Use the provided text fields and drop-down menus to filter your talent slate based on your employees' competency, job code, and relocatable location. Click Add after selecting your filter option. Click Search after setting up your search criteria. 
  • SUC_-_Talent_Slate_-_02.png
  • Your talent will appear in a list below where you can mouse over their image to view the employee's scorecard or click the email link to email the employee.
  • SUC_-_Talent_Slate_-_03.png
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