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Understanding the Dashboard of Succession

The Home page will be the initial page shown when navigating to the Succession module. Depending on the permissions granted, the options and views can differ.

Employee/General View

An employee can view an assortment of information such as their all items assigned and completed within the Talent Management System.

  • Dashboard/Scorecard - View scores/ratings from their completed evaluations.
  • Succession Plans - Succession Plans assigned to an employee.
  • Evaluations - Evaluations assigned to an employee.
  • Training - Currently assigned Learning Plans from the LMS module. 
  • Development Plan - Development Plans assigned to an employee.
  • Org Chart


Manager/Admin View

Managers/Admins can click the employee photo/name from the top banner to view the employee's Succession Dashboard.

Managers and Admins can use the Scorecard to view the scores of direct reports. The information displayed is based on the results of their Performance Reviews/Evaluations.

This information can be extremely helpful in locating high versus low performers and allow you to make quick decisions to improve upon the scores, with additional training, for example.


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