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How to Enable Applying to Multiple Jobs

Activating this feature will allow an applicant to get a message “To see other positions, click here” link upon successful completion of their first job application. This link will open a list of jobs currently posted to your company career page.

The candidate can apply for another job by clicking “Apply” and the second application will auto-fill with the applicant's Contact Information page of their original job application. Screening questions, voluntary surveys, and agreements must be completed separately for each subsequent job application.

  1. To begin, click Administration from the top menu of the Applicant Tracking System.


  2. Click Account Information on the left-hand side from the list. It is the first option listed.


  3. Scroll down to find the toggle next to "Allow applicants to apply to multiple jobs with a single application." Toggle the option to Yes.


  4. Click Save Information on the bottom of the page.
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