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Cost Centers Tab in Demographic Info for Core HR

The "Cost Centers" tab allows you to choose values that were defined from the Cost Centers screen. This allows you to job cost with the Time & Attendance of Core or is used with your Core HR to ExakTime integration if you have an ExakTime account set up.

In the example below, we have set up cost centers based on their region, division, and department.

For more information about the setup and use of Cost Centers, please refer to the following article.

Navigating to Demographic Info - Cost Centers Tab
  • From the menu, expand Employee and click Demographic Info.


  • If already viewing an employee profile, you can hover over "Employee" to show the available pages. Click Demographic Info.


  • Click the Cost Centers tab from the Demographic Info page.



If you have a Flat structure, select the desired values from the drop-down menu(s).

If you have a Hierarchal structure, select the top value first as it would determine what is available in the following drop-down menu.

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