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Employee Email Logs for Core HR

The "Email" log displays all emails sent out of the system in relation to the employee currently being viewed. Emails sent to the employee's performance or time manager will also be housed in the table below. 

Navigating to Email Logs
  • From the menu, expand Employee, expand Logs, and click Email.

    CHR - Employee - Logs - Menu - 02.png

  • If already viewing an employee profile, you can hover over "Logs" to show the available pages. Click Email.

    CHR - Employee - Logs - Drop-down Menu - 02.png

CHR - Employees - Logs - Email - 00.png

To review the email sent to the recipient click the magnifying glass icon on the left hand side of the record. 

The columns shown are:

  • ViewReport.gif - Click this icon to view a copy of the email sent.

    CHR - Employees - Logs - Email - Preview - 01.png

  • From - Will be listed as "System". If you are utilizing an email mask, the recipient will see the mask.
  • To - The email address the email was sent to.
  • Sent - The time and date stamp of when the email was sent.
  • Subject - The subject of the email as the recipient will see.
  • Rejected - Notes if the email was rejected for any reason. Failed emails can be reviewed from the "Failed Email Log" page
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