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Employee Export Logs for Core HR

The "Export" log will list a history of any exports that the employee's data was included on. This is a great resource to identify if an employee was included on a specific file to a benefit carrier as well.

Navigating to Export Logs
  • From the menu, expand Employee, expand Logs, and click Exports.

    CHR - Employee - Logs - Menu - 04.png

  • If already viewing an employee profile, you can hover over "Logs" to show the available pages. Click Exports.

    CHR - Employee - Logs - Drop-down Menu - 04.png

CHR - Employees - Logs - Export - 01.png

  • Export Name - The name of the export that the employee was included. Click the name of the export to download and view a copy of the export.
  • Export Type - Full File vs. Change File
    • "Change File" would alert to the employee being included on a file because of a change made to their demographic information, or benefit information. 
  • Export Data - The data type of the export (i.e.: benefits, demographic, compensation).
  • Export Date - Date and time stamp of the export execution.
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