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Audit Logs

The Audit Log displays a detailed history of changes that have made within the system and by whom. The Audit Log is the first place to go when determining if a process has succeeded or failed within the system.

The Audit Log provides a powerful tool for understanding "system-level" activity occurring within the system including but not limited to:

  • Information regarding Scheduled Tasks that occur automatically (i.e. Nightly Alerts, Accrual Processing, etc...)
  • Information regarding employees that are deleted from the system
  • Information regarding Time Clock Hardware Integration
  • Information regarding Two-factor setting changes


Filtering Audit Logs


  • To view all Audit Log records regardless of Category, select "All Categories" from the Filter By drop-down field.
  • To Filter the Audit Log by a specific category, select the category from the Filter By drop-down field.
    You can select from:
    • Administrative Functions
    • Administrator Log In
    • API Dashboard
    • Applicant Tracking
    • Automated System Functions
    • Beneficiary Information
    • Benefit Package Setup
    • Company Information
    • Dependent Information
    • Device TimeClocks
    • Employee Event Actions
    • Employee Information
    • Employee Log In
    • Employer Information
    • Exports
    • Imports
    • New Hire Eligibility
    • New Hire Reminder
    • Onboarding
    • Pay Stub FTP
    • Performance Management
    • Power BI
    • Reports
    • Security
    • Training Reminder
    • Web Service Integration
    • Workflows
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