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Failed Email Log

What is the Failed Email Log:

The failed email log houses any emails that were unable to successfully send from the email servers. This will display emails to all employees. For details on a specific employees emails - sent both successfully, or failed see Employee Email Log

 Note: An email that is typed incorrectly would not necessarily log in the failed email log - as the system will not attempt to send to the email (example: Test@gmail or test.test@gmail,com)


Navigation Pathway: Menu > System > Failed Email Log 


Failed Email Log Table: 

  1. Date - day the email failed to send
    1. Clicking the date will open an additional table with more information: 
      1. From - displays as system (if utilizing Email Masking the employee will see the sender configured via email masking) 
      2. To - who the intended recipient of the email was 
      3. Sent - time and date stamp of when the email attempted to send 
      4. Subject - subject of the failed email 
      5. Error Message - why the email failed to send 
        1. exmple: high probability of spam (notes the recipients server did not accept the email) 
  2. Count - How many emails failed that day


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