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Export Logs: COBRA Log

The COBRA Change Log will display all benefits that are pending or processed for a specific benefit package. Additionally, the log displays Employees newly added to the HRIS. Users will see each Benefit, Carrier, Export Date, number of Employees in Export, and a View Employees hyperlink. Once an export from the HRIS has been executed against the COBRA Log, an Export Date will be applied to the summary record, and all new changes made from that point forward will be created within a new Summary Record.

COBRA Changes are used in administration of COBRA benefits either by the company or a third party COBRA administrator. Changes that need to be transmitted to a Third Party Administrator (TPA) can be exported in .csv or .txt formats through the HRIS Export Utility.


The hyperlink under the "Package" column allows users to see specific export data including the current Export Reason. The Export Reason can be edited in the event an Employee is forced into the Change Log. Employees forced into the Change Log are Employees whose changes were not initially processed correctly.


A flowchart of the logging process has been provided below.

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