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Attach Candidates to a Job from the Candidates Page in ATS

You can attach an existing candidate from your candidate pool to a job posting if you feel that they would be a good fit.

To attach a candidate to a job posting, you must have the "Found" candidate stage active. If you are unsure if it is active, you can double-check by navigating to Administration and clicking Candidate Stages. For more information, you can refer to the following article.

Navigating to Candidate List
Click Candidates from the top menu bar, if not already there.


  1. Select one or more candidates using the check box to the left of the candidate's name.


  2. Use the With (X) Selected button in the upper-right of the candidate table to open a drop-down menu and click Attach to a job....


  3. Select and enter your search criteria:


    • Zip - Search for jobs using the ZIP code - only primary location zip codes can be searched
    • Job Title – Search for jobs using the full or partial job title
    • Job ID – Search for the job using the job ID
  4. Click Find Jobs.
  5. The "Matching Jobs" drop-down will contain the jobs that match your criteria. Select the desired job from the drop-down.
  6. Click Attach Candidate(s)
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