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Understanding the Candidate Pool List & Profile for the ATS

Candidate profiles may not be accessed by all users as access is permissions-based. If you do not have access, your candidate names will be gray and unclickable. 

Navigating to the Candidate List
If not already there, click Candidates from the top menu bar.


Candidate List


Above the Candidate list will be options for:

The candidate list will have columns for:

  • Checkbox - Select the candidate. If you have selected any number of candidates, you can perform a bulk action.
  • plus-circle.png - Clicking this icon will show additional information about the candidate such as any attached files like resumes, contact info, and more.
  • eye.png - Hovering over this icon will indicate the last time the candidate was viewed.
  • ** - The asterisks indicate that the client has applied multiple times. Hovering over this icon will indicate how many.
  • First & Last Name
  • Account Name
  • City & State
  • Last Update - The last time the candidate was updated and by whom.
  • Labels - Labels associated with the candidate.
  • Actions - Clicking any of the Actions icons allows you to perform additional actions. Hovering over the icon will show a small label of what the icon does. Some icons will only appear with certain permissions. For more information regarding the Action icons and what they do, we detail each of the icons in the following dedicated article.
    • edit-solid.svg - Add a comment to the candidate's profile.
    • envelope.svg - Send an email to the candidate.
    • comment-dots.svg - Send a text message to the candidate.
    • share.svg - Forward the candidate's info.
    • plus.svg - Attach the candidate to a job.

Candidate Profile

Click the name of the candidate from the list to view their profile. Clicking the name of the candidate may prompt a "pop-up" warning from your web browser and not open the candidate's profile. These warnings are usually found in the address bar of your web browser and require the user to allow pop-ups from the website.


You will be presented with the candidate profile like below:


Editing/Deleting Information

Clicking the Edit_Icon_-_00.png edit icon allows you to edit the information for fields that allow editing.

Clicking the trash-alt-solid.png trash icon allows you to remove any information.

Summary & Application History


  • Candidate Summary - Information is populated the candidate's Education, Work History, and Additional Information sections.
  • Application History
    • Displays a list of a candidate's history of applications to your job postings. From here, you can view the candidate's current stage or disposition and make any necessary changes.
    • Clicking the plus-circle.png Show More icon allows you to additional information.
      • When using the "View Application" page, the attachments found at the bottom of the page can only be accessed/viewed within 7 days of the candidate applying for the position. After 7 days, the attachments will be blank and unaccessible. To view any attachments for the candidate past the 7-day limit, you must view the attachments from the "Attach Files" bubble.


    • Clicking the Job title will take you to the job profile.
    • Candidate profiles are built based on the email address the candidate applied with. When a candidate applies multiple times with the same email address, the applications will combine in this area for you to view.
  • Add a Note - When adding a note, this will be for the candidate profile and not any specific job posting like a comment. A note can only be viewed from the candidate profile.

Contact Information

Review and update a candidate's contact information, attached files, and labels for the candidate.

If you are using the text messaging feature for the ATS, you can update a candidate's preferred phone number for text messaging communication and/or opt them in/out of text messaging communication.

Candidate - Contact Information - Text Message Update - 00.png

Accordion Sections

Each accordion section can be expanded or collapsed as needed.

ATS - Candidate Profile - Accordions - 00.png

Recent Comments/Notes

View comments and notes entered by Admins and users with sufficient permission. Only the two latest user-created comments can be viewed here. To view any further comments, you will need to review the activity history of the candidate. 


Work Experience

Review any work experience entered by the candidate or by an internal user.



Review any education history entered by the candidate or by an internal user.


Additional Information

Review responses to custom questions on the job application and any answers to EEO questions.



Review any references entered by the candidate or an internal user.


SMS Message History

This option will only be available for users with the SMS Text Messaging feature of the ATS. If you are interested in adding this feature to your ATS module, please contact your sales rep/account manager for more information.

SMS Message History will provide the complete text message history of an ATS user and the candidate.

ATS - Text Messaging Numbers - SMS Message History - 00.png

Activity History

Review recent activity taken to a candidate's profile such as edits and added information. Some activities can take up to 5 minutes to be posted such as email communication. 


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