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How to Know if Your Employee Verified Their Email in ExakTime

As you grant employees access to ExakTime Connect as Administrators or Employees, you may need to confirm if they were able to verify their account. If you are unable to reach the employee, you can view their verification status from their employee profile.

  • Go to Manage and click Employees.


  • Click the Pencil icon to the left of an employee's name.


  • Scroll down towards the Security Role section.


  • The verification statuses that an employee can have are: 
    Status Meaning & What To Do
    Employee_Verification_-_Confirmed_Edit.png The Employee was able to verify their email and can use ExakTime Connect.
    Employee_Verification_-_Pending_Edit.png The Employee has not verified their email and the verification email is still available.
    Employee_Verification_-_Expired_Edit.png The employee has not verified their email and the verification email has expired. You will need to resend the verification email.
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