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Can I Rename an Employee in ExakTime?

Employees are the people that are using the ExakTime system, from the field employee tracking their time to the administrator that reviews and approves their time. The number of employees you can have in the system is limited to the number of employee licenses you have subscribed to. Refer to the following articles to add an additional administrator or employees.

After you add an employee to the ExakTime, we recommend against changing the name of the employee as it will update all previous uses of the employee as well. You should only change the employee's name if the employee's name was not correct initially. If an employee has left, it is better to add a new employee and make the previous employee inactive 

For example, if you had an employee named "Greg Abernathy" that has been with your company for years, then someone changes the name to "Kevin Beltran", all the time records originally for "Greg Abernathy" will be associated with "Kevin Beltran" as well. 

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