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Employee Viewsets (Limiting Who an Employee Can See) in ExakTime

Employee Viewsets is an option that limits the employees that another employee can see and interact with in your ExakTime system. Whenever an employee is added to ExakTime, their viewset is set to "Only Themselves" so they cannot see other employees. Their viewset can be changed to see other employees in ExakTime Connect and Mobile.

What Viewsets Affect

In ExakTime Connect

Viewsets will restrict viewing/accessing employees on any page that involves selecting viewing/employees such as, but not limited to:

  • Time Card Details
  • Bulk Time Entry
  • Reports & Report Filters
  • Employee Page
  • Expenses
  • Groups - Limits the employees that you can see when adding/removing from an employee group.
  • Security Roles - Limits the employees that can be seen when assigning a security role.
  • Policies - Limits the employees that can be seen when assigning a policy.
  • Field Notes Page
  • Map View/GeoTrakker
  • ExakTime Forms Viewer
  • Email Notifications - If an employee has permission to view all employees, they will not receive any email notifications/reminders intended for supervisors.
  • Time Off Requests
In ExakTime Mobile

Viewsets will restrict viewing/accessing employees on any page that involves viewing/selecting employees such as, but not limited to:

  • Clock For
  • History
  • Field Notes
  • Time Cards
  • Employee List
  • SiteHub
  • TeamView
  • Time Off Requests

Updating an Employee's Viewset

  • Go to Manage and click Employees from the menu bar.

    ETC - Menu - Manage - 02.png

  • Click the blue pencil icon to the left of an employee's name.

    ETC - Employee List - Edit - 01.png

  • Click the Viewsets tab.


  • Select the appropriate viewset option for the employee.


    • Only Themselves - Only see themselves within ExakTime Connect/Mobile.
    • All Employees - See all employees within ExakTime Connect/Mobile.
      • If an employee is set to view "All Employees", some options/functions may not be available such as email reminders for Time Card Approvals.
    • Selected Employees - See only selected employees within ExakTime Connect/Mobile.
      • If using "Selected Employees," Employee Groups made on ExakTime Connect will not appear for the user. They will need to create their crews on their device. 
    • Selected Employee Groups - See employees that belong to the selected employee groups within ExakTime Connect/Mobile. This can be very useful if multiple employees should view identical employees, allowing you to adjust a single group for a viewset instead of individual viewsets.
  • Click Save when finished.
  • Employees using ExakTime Connect may need to refresh or sign out and back in to see the changes. Employees using ExakTime Mobile will need to sync their copies of ExakTime Mobile to see any changes. It can take a few minutes for an ExakTime Mobile sync to receive the changes. 
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