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How to Help an Employee Reset Their Password for ExakTime

In the event that an employee forgot their password, the employee can use the "Forgot Password" option on your ExakTime Connect login page or you can help them out by sending them an email to set up a new password.

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Reset Password via Login Page

  1. An employee can click Forgot your password? at the login page of your ExakTime Connect account.


  2. An employee would enter their username to receive an email to reset their password. 


Send Password Reset Email for Them

  1. Go to Manage and click Employees.


  2. Click the pencil icon to the left of the employee that needs their password reset.


  3. Scroll down towards ExakTime Mobile and Connect Access and click Send Password Reset Email.


  4. Your employee will receive an email letting them know that they can reset their password with a link for them to create a new password.


  5. After the employee clicks the link, their web browser should take them to the appropriate page for them to create their new password.


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