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Setting Up and Using FaceFront to Identify Who is Clocking In

FaceFront photos can be taken when an employee clocks in or out for themselves on ExakTime Mobile to confirm the identity of the person clocking in/out with the device's front-facing (selfie) camera. This can help prevent situations of "buddy punching" amongst your employees.

 Front-Facing (Selfie) Camera Required

The employee's device must have a front-facing camera. While a front-facing camera is common on current devices, older devices may not have a front-facing camera.

Enabling FaceFront

FaceFront must first be enabled for ExakTime Mobile users in Security Roles.

  • Go to Manage in the Menu Bar and click Security Roles.


  • Select the security role you wish to edit on the left of the screen or add a new security role. The new security will need to be assigned to employees after.


  • In the permission list towards the right, enable FaceFront for the appropriate user role.


  • Click Save. Your employees may need to sync their copies of ExakTime Mobile before they are prompted to take a FaceFront photo.

Assigning the Security Role

If an employee must take a FaceFront photo, they must be assigned the appropriate ExakTime Mobile security role that has FaceFront enabled.

  • Go to Manage in the Menu bar and click Employees to assign the role.


  • Click the blue pencil icon Edit_Time.png to the left of an Employee's name.


  • Select the appropriate security role with FaceFront enabled from the ExakTime Mobile Security Role drop-down menu and assign a PIN if not entered.


  • Click Save when finished.

Camera Permission

When ExakTime Mobile tries to use a camera for the first time, ExakTime Mobile will request permission to use the camera. The user will need to allow ExakTime Mobile to access the camera(s) of the mobile device.

If the user denies the camera permission, they will need to allow ExakTime Mobile permission to the camera through the settings of Android/iOS, otherwise ExakTime Mobile will not allow employees to fully clock in/out if FaceFront is required.

For iOS

Depending on the age of your iOS device, the steps may differ, but the idea is consistent.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Press ExakTime
  3. Enable the camera permission


For Android

The steps below may differ depending on the manufacturer and version of Android, but the idea is consistent.

  1. Open your App Drawer
  2. Press Settings
  3. Press Apps (May also be called Applications, App Manager, etc.)
  4. Press ExakTime
  5. Press Permissions
  6. Enable the camera permission


Using FaceFront

When an employee in the appropriate security role clocks in or out, they will be prompted to take a picture using the front facing camera. They will see a preview of the FaceFront photo and click the camera button when satisfied.


 FaceFront Exceptions

There are exceptions to FaceFront where an employee will not be prompted to take a FaceFront picture.

  • When Clock For is used for an employee by a user with the ability enabled.
  • If the device has no front-facing camera.

 Android FaceFront Photos

If the user has an Android device, the FaceFront photo may not be right-side up. If so, you can modify the FaceFront photo rotation from the settings of ExakTime Mobile. Rotate the photo as needed and test the result. Repeat as necessary.

Reviewing FaceFront Photos

With Time Card Details

After an employee has clocked in/out and sent in their time record, the FaceFront photo can be reviewed by an ExakTime Connect user in the employee's time card by hovering over the small (i) icon next to their start or stop time.

  • Go to Time Cards and click Time Card Details.


  • Click the employee to review on the left-hand side.


  • Hovering over the small (i) icon next to their start or stop time will show the FaceFront photo for the time record.


With Employee FaceFront Report

The Employee FaceFront report allows you to quickly review your employees' first and last FaceFront photos, overall hours, and GPS information with a single report. For more information about the Employee FaceFront Report, you can refer to Using the Employee FaceFront Report

  • Click Reports.


  • Under the Employee section, click Employee FaceFront Report.


  • After selecting your date range and setting up any employee and/or location filters, you can generate a report for FaceFront photos like below:


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