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Enabling SiteHub for ExakTime Mobile

SiteHub is an optional feature for ExakTime Mobile that allows an employee to information relating to a location such as recent activity, navigation to the location, and more.

Enabling SiteHub

  • Go to Manage and click Security Roles.


  • The ExakTime Mobile tab should already be selected. Select an existing security role or add a new role.


  • Enable the "View SiteHub" and "Show Wages" options as needed.


  • Save any changes.
  • Repeat this for any other security role that will need permission.
  • Your employees will need to sync their copies of ExakTime Mobile to receive the new permission.

If you have created a new security role and are not familiar with assigning an ExakTime Mobile security role, you can refer to the following articles to assign the role through the employee profile or assign the role through the Security Roles page.

Using SiteHub

Location Photo & Location Selector


  • Press Locations to view SiteHub information for other locations.
  • Press Set Photo to set the photo for a location in SiteHub. This can help employees that are unfamiliar with a location.

Live Feed


  • The "Live Feed" tile will show recent activity sent from ExakTime Mobile (currently not ExakTime Connect) for a given location such as when an employee clocked in, field notes associated with a location, expenses submitted by an employee, etc.
  • The live feed will populate with data if the creator of the data had internet at the time of creation. If there was no internet connection at the time of data creation, it will not populate the "Live Feed".
  • The employees listed on Live Feed will respect the employee's viewset. 

On Site Now


The "On Site Now" tile displays who is currently clocked in at the location and the current estimated labor cost per hour will also be listed.

Get Directions


The "Get Directions" tile will allow employees to view a small map with a pinpoint of the location. Pressing Get Directions will pass the address information to the mapping app of their phone for navigation.

Nearby Hospitals/Restaurants


Nearby Hospitals/Restaurants will show local hospitals and restaurants of the location based on the given address from Yelp. Pressing any of the locations will open the Yelp listing on the web browser or the Yelp app if installed. 

Employee Resource

Your employees can refer to the following article from ExakTime Mobile for the available SiteHub options.

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