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Enabling "Manage" for ExakTime Mobile

"Manage" is a section in ExakTime Mobile allows employees the ability to view and add new entities such as employees, locations, cost codes, and equipment from the field.

This can be helpful in situations such as:

  • An employee was recently hired and needs to track their time, but was not added from the office or through ExakTime Connect. A supervisor can add them and start tracking their time with "Clock For" until the ExakTime Admin can finish setting them up on ExakTime Connect.
  • A supervisor is inspecting a location with a potential client and wants to put the location into the system to have it ready for when the job starts. The supervisor can add the location and the GPS coordinate for the location. 
  • A supervisor needs to review and navigate to the address of a location.

Crews and Groups is another feature that can be found in the "Manage" section of ExakTime Mobile that allows you to group up employees, locations, and cost codes as desired. For more information about setting up crews and groups, you can refer to the following dedicated article.

Special Consideration

Establish Consistent Naming

When adding new entities through ExakTime Mobile, it can help to maintain a consistent naming structure to avoid employees assuming that they need to enter a new entity, when it was named something different from what they had expected. 

Delay For New Entities to Propagate

After a new entity has been added to ExakTime Mobile, that entity will not exist on ExakTime Connect or on other copies of ExakTime Mobile initially.

To have the new entity appear on ExakTime Connect or other copies of ExakTime Mobile, the creator of the entity would simply need to sync their copy of ExakTime Mobile. It should appear on ExakTime Connect shortly after.  When the entity exists in ExakTime Connect, the entity will be passed onto all copies of ExakTime Mobile.

Enabling "Manage" Options

  • Go to Manage and click Security Roles.


  • The ExakTime Mobile tab should already be selected. Select an existing security role or add a new role.


  • Enable the appropriate Employee, Location, Cost Code, or Equipment option that needs to be enabled


  • Save any changes.
  • Repeat this for any other security role that will need permission.
  • Your employees will need to sync their copies of ExakTime Mobile to receive the new permission.

If you have created a new security role and are not familiar with assigning an ExakTime Mobile security role, you can refer to the following articles to assign the role through the employee profile or assign the role through the Security Roles page.

What to Do in ExakTime Mobile

For more information about using the Manage section of ExakTime Mobile, you can refer to the following article.

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