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ExakTime Mobile Data Usage

A concern for many employees when using ExakTime Mobile is the amount of data being used on their personal smartphones. 

ExakTime Mobile requires a low amount of data to work so there should not be any worry, but we have some additional information below that could help.

We have also linked a PDF below that you can keep on hand for any curious employees.

 ExakTime Mobile Data Usage Handout

Data Usage When Clocking In/Out

If an employee were to clock in/out with a FaceFront photo 100 times, it would be about 1 MB, which is .001 GB.

If an employee were to clock in/out without a FaceFront photo 1000 times, it would be about 1 MB.

If an employee was to clock in/out 4 times a day with a FaceFront photo (e.g. Clock in to start their day, clock out for lunch, clock back in after lunch, and clock out at the end of their workday) they would have about 80 clock in/outs at the end of the month which results in about .8 MB data used.

Data Usage When Using GeoTrakker

As GeoTrakker is sending information more often when compared to clocking in/out, it can use more data, but it will be a fairly minimal amount.

The amount of data being sent if an employee were to use GeoTrakker is roughly 6 KB per hour.

If an employee were to drive 60 MPH continuously for a 40-hour workweek, it would be about 1.68 MB of data used at the end of the week.

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