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Enabling Elapsed Time for ExakTime Mobile

Elapsed Time is a feature for ExakTime Mobile that allows your employees to be aware of how long they have been working since their previous clock in. With this feature, we also introduced the prevention of clocking out if the ExakTime Mobile app does not detect an employee who has clocked in yet.

As Elapsed Time is intended to track an individual, you can refer to Enabling and Using "View Who Is Clocked In" for ExakTime Mobile to view how an employee such as a manager/supervisor can see other employees that have clocked in to a shared device (such as a shared tablet for a location) and view where employees were when they clocked in with Team View.

How It Works

  • After an employee is clocked in, either by themselves or by another user, the elapsed time on ExakTime Mobile will begin to count up. When the employee clocks in again to select a new location or cost code, the elapsed time will reset for the latest clock in and count up.
  • The elapsed time will continue to count up until the employee clocks out or is clocked out by another user, either in ExakTime Connect or Mobile.
  • The elapsed time will only appear for the employee that is currently logged in to ExakTime Mobile. Employees cannot view the elapsed time of another employee.
  • The elapsed time is intended to be an indicator to let employees know how long they have been on the clock since their previous clock in and will not clock the employee out automatically.
  • While it is possible for elapsed time to count up excessively, the employee may not receive that time. If a single employee's time record exceeds the threshold, the time record will be split into two different incomplete records. This prevents the employee from receiving an excessive amount of time and allows you the opportunity to correct the employee's time card.

Enabling Permission

Your ExakTime Mobile Security Roles will have the option to allow an employee to see how long they have been clocked in.

  • Go to Manage and click Security Roles.


  • The ExakTime Mobile tab should already be selected. Select an existing security role or add a new role.


  • Enable "How long has someone been clocked in".


  • Save your changes.

What Employees See

  • When employees first log in, they will be shown the basic GO/STOP buttons with the elapsed time banner at the top.


  • After the employee has clocked in, the elapsed time will begin to tick up. Tapping the elapsed time banner will expand the menu and show the last known clock in with the time, location, and cost code.


Force Clock Out

While we will prevent an employee from clocking out if ExakTime Mobile does not detect they have not yet clocked in by graying out the STOP button, we have an icon/button next to the STOP button that will allow the employee to clock out anyway.

Pressing this button will prompt the employee that ExakTime Mobile does not see them as having clocked in and the option to clock out anyway.


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