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Arcoro Embedded Experience in Procore

This article details an upcoming feature for use with Arcoro Onboarding and Procore.


With the Arcoro Embedded Experience in Procore, your field hiring managers can access the Arcoro Onboarding solution to quickly onboard new hires easily, safely, securely, and w/o paper.


  • Arcoro Onboarding Module
  • No Free Trial
  • Procore Service Account

Installing the Arcoro Embedded Experience

  1. From App Management, click Install App from Marketplace.


  2. From the Procore App Marketplace, search for "Arcoro Workforce Management" with the search bar.


  3. Click Install App.


  4. Click Install and proceed through the dialog boxes that may contain additional information. Click X in the top right to close any of the additional dialog boxes.



  5. Configure your Arcoro Embedded Experience then click Create.
    • Using the checkboxes, specify where the Embedded Experience should reside in Procore.
    • Name your configuration.
    • Enter any other configurable fields.


  6. The Embedded Experience will appear in your Apps list. 


If you need any help when installing the Arcoro Embedded Experience, please refer to Procore Support

Using the Arcoro Embedded Experience

  1. From the top right, go to Apps and click the title of the app entered from the previous section. For our example, we named the app New Hire Onboarding.


  2. Click Get Started.


  3. Sign in to your account.


  4. Select the appropriate hiring template for your new hire from the Kiosk mode.


  5. Confirm that you wish to begin the selected hiring template.


  6. Pass the device to the new hire so they can begin filling out their name, email address, and start their paperwork.
    • If your new hire does not have an email address, have them click the link "I don't have an email" beneath the Email Address field and we will insert a placeholder.


  7. At this time, your new hire will be presented with all their paperwork. All steps are grey until the section is completed.


  8. Once the new hire has completed all necessary paperwork, their ID can be verified and section 2 of the I9 process can be completed.


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