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Enabling Onboarding Default Username to Generate Usernames

With the Default Username option for Onboarding, a default username can be automatically created for an employee with the format of [FirstNameLastName] if the employee's personal email should not be used as the username. If the username is not unique in the system, a number will be added so it will be unique.

Default Username in Applicant Tracking

  • Click Administration.


  • Click Account Information.


  • Click the Yes/No toggle for "Enable Arcoro Onboarding default username.


  • Click Save Information.

Special characters in a candidate's name can be used in their username and cause errors when moving a candidate to Onboarding. Special characters should be removed in these situations.

Using Default Username in Applicant Tracking

If you have a hired candidate and go to manage their post-hire process, you will see that the employee's unique username will be created for them with the format of [FirstNameLastName]. This is the username that the employee will see in their account verification email to access their new hire paperwork.



Default Username in Onboarding

  • Click Administration.


  • Click the Business Units tab.


  • Go to the ... under the action column, then click Edit.


  • Scroll through the options and click the checkbox for Enable Arcoro Onboarding default username.


  • Click Save.

Using Default Username in Onboarding

  • Click New Hire Dashboard.


  • Click Incomplete New Hires.


  • Click Add New Hire.


  • After entering the first and last name of the employee, their default username will be generated. In our example, it has generated "AllenJones5."


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