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Troubleshooting Default/Custom Forms for Onboarding

Forms are used during Onboarding to allow an employee to fill out either our default forms (government forms) or custom-created forms. When filling out a form, the employee(s) can encounter unforeseen issues that can prevent them from completing their Onboarding paperwork.

Some common troubleshooting questions/answers have been provided below. If you are having trouble with a custom form, it may require the use of a third-party PDF editor such as Adobe Acrobat and the updated form provided to us to correct:

When trying to view a form, why is the user is unable to see the form or receives an error when reaching the form?

If your user is unable to view or even reach the form, it can help to confirm if this issue happens for any other users or other computers.

  • If the issue reoccurs for other users and computers, then it can be attributed to the form in use.
    • If it is a default form, use the "Request Support" link at the top of the page and detail the issue so we can investigate.
    • If it is a custom form, please double-check that the custom form was properly created and in the correct PDF format.
  • If the issue does not occur for other users and/or computers, then it can be attributed to the web browser in use. Web browser related issues are commonly corrected by clearing the browser cache/data. You can refer to the following article for more information.
Why is my user not able to complete a custom form?
Double-check that the form does not have a hidden required field. As the required field cannot be seen by a regular user, it can prevent the user from completing the form. 
What should I do after a corrected custom form has been uploaded?
After uploading a corrected form, it would help to create a test user to go through the Onboarding paperwork and make sure that it can be completed. When creating the test user, you should not use any official/existing emails/usernames as it can cause confusion when trying to sign in with your official email/username normally. For more information about creating a user, you can refer to the following article.
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