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How to Set Up Work Opportunity Tax Credit Partner for Onboarding

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federal tax credit available to employers who hire individuals from certain groups that have faced barriers to employment. The WOTC can help employers looking to expand their workforce and help underserved communities. Service providers, such as Arvo, help employers looking to maximize their potential tax credit.

If you are working with a WOTC service provider, you can link your tax break partner with Onboarding so your new hires can submit their information while completing their Onboarding paperwork. If you are currently going through Implementation, your implementation manager can assist you with this. If your implementation has already been completed, you can connect the WOTC partner to Onboarding with a few simple steps.

  • Click Administration from the top menu bar of Onboarding.


  • Click the Settings tab from the Administration menu if not already there.

    ONB - Administration - Settings tab - 00.png

  • Scroll through Settings and enable the 'Enable Tax Break Partner' option and specify the Tax Break Partner from the drop-down menu.

    ONB - Settings - Tax Break - 01.png

  • Depending on the Tax Break Partner, you will need to provide additional information to connect the tax break service with Onboarding.
    • Neon - Enter your Tax Break Client #
    • Arvo (formerly Clarus) - Enter a portion of your custom Arvo client URL into the provided field. For example, if the custom link is "" only the following “emr-inc?next_text=Continue” would go into the “Screening URL” field. 

    ONB - Settings - Tax Break - 02.png

  • Save your changes. 

The next time your new hires are completing their Onboarding paperwork, they will have an additional 'Tax Break' step to provide information for WOTC.


  • A modal may appear to alert new hires to complete the form. New hires can cancel out of the modal to proceed with paperwork or select ‘I don’t want to supply this info’ and click ‘Skip’.  Skipping the form will allow the employee to continue to the next step of their new hire paperwork.


  • If the new hire decides to complete the survey, they will be prompted with the following checkboxes toward the end of the survey:

    WOTC - FIrst Checkbox - 00.png

    • The first checkbox allows Arvo to confirm if the new hire does or does not belong to the specific qualifying target group. For example, if the new hire indicates that they were an active member of the history, the checkbox allows Arvo to verify the information with the Department of Veterans Affairs. 
    • The second checkbox mirrors what is found on "IRS Form 8850 Pre-Screening Notice and Certification Request for the Work Opportunity Credit". The survey captures the information a new hire would provide to IRS Form 8850 and serves as an electronic form of the paper documentation. Because of this, an electronic signature and attestation that the information is true is required. The image below is an example of the signature and attestation from IRS Form 8850:

      WOTC - Second Checkbox - 00.png

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