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Guide to Settings for Onboarding

The Settings page for Onboarding allows you to view and edit the basic information and configurations for your Onboarding module. From here, you can set up items such as:

  • Age Threshold
  • Requiring SSN for I-9 Forms
  • Enabling Kiosk Mode
  • Allowing Pay Cards and Direct Deposit Info
Navigating to Onboarding Settings
  • Click Administration from the top menu bar of Onboarding.


  • In the Administration menu, Settings should be the first tab presented.



The name entered during the setup of your account.
Federal EIN
Where you will enter your federal employee identification number or federal tax ID number as issued by the IRS. The number entered here will populate on the federal/state W-4, where applicable.
Age Threshold
If a new hire enters a birth date that is younger than the age threshold, the system will not let them proceed through their paperwork. The system will default to 16.
Enable E-Verify and E-Verify Client #
The E-Verify Client # should begin with "CST" and be followed with a 4-5 digit number. For example, the Client # could read "CST9999".
E-Verify requires additional services. If you do not already have E-Verify services and are interested, you can contact your account manager for more information. Please refer to the following article for contact information.


Require SSN on Form I-9
This check box is almost always checked to ensure a new hire's social security number is included on their I-9, but it does not have to be required.
Enable Kiosk Mode
Kiosk mode allows an alternative method to having new hires fill in their paperwork if they do not have access to their email account at a location (e.g. construction site, etc.). The kiosk mode allows a new hire to simply enter their name and email, instead of needing them to set up an account in Onboarding. For more information, you can refer to:
Tax Break Partner
The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is a Federal Tax Credit available to employers for hiring individuals belonging to certain groups that have consistently faced obstacles to employment. If you have a solution with a supported third-party tax break partner, you can select the partner from the drop-down menu and any additional setup information. 


Enable Training Rate?
A training rate can be used if an employee is to be paid a different wage when they are undergoing training or apprenticeship.
Allows Locations to Customize Pay Card and Direct Deposit information?
Used to specify if your locations have differing methods of paying your employees (e.g. One location allows direct deposit while another location deposits the paycheck onto pay cards).
Has Pay Cards? & Require card number?
Pay cards allow employers to deposit an employee's paycheck directly to a pay card as opposed to printing a paycheck or direct deposit. If enabled, employers can enter the appropriate information when prompted. If both 'Pay Cards' and 'Direct Deposit' are enabled, the employee will see a drop down on the Direct Deposit page for selecting Pay Card or Bank Account before entering the remaining deposit information.
Has Direct Deposit?
  • Direct deposit allows employers to deposit an employee's paycheck directly into an employer's bank account. If enabled, you will need to enter additional information.
  • If direct deposit is required, your new hires would have to provide their banking information to proceed through the onboarding process.
  • The maximum number of accounts allowed is 6.
  • The employee's paycheck can be divided with a percentage, a flat dollar amount, and the remainder of the net pay.
  • If both 'Pay Cards' and 'Direct Deposit' are enabled, the employee will see a drop-down menu on the 'Direct Deposit' step for selecting Pay Card or Bank Account before entering the remaining deposit information.


Require Manager Password to complete a new hire
If enabled, will require the hiring manager to enter their password before completing the paperwork for each new hire.
Enable Arcoro Onboarding default username
If enabled, a default username will be created after entering the first and last name of the employee. The username will be based on the employees first name, their last name, and a number if the first and last name combination would not be unique.
Enable Voluntary Survey?
Allows you to have the voluntary survey questions asked and which ones.


Years to Keep Employee Records
Used if you are required to keep employee records for a specified amount of years. Will default to 7 years. As requirements for the years to keep employee records can differ depending on local, state, federal, etc. laws, it is best to have legal counsel to make any changes.
Address to send Withholding and Garnishment Orders
Your company's address is generally entered here, unless if the address should be different. 
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