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Comments & Notes for Candidates in the ATS

When viewing a candidate’s profile, you will see both comments and notes listed. Comments are job-specific for a candidate while Notes are general notes associated with a candidate.

Job Related? No Yes - Job Specific
Viewable From
  • Candidate Profile
  • Job Profile with User Permissions
  • Job Profile
  • Candidate Pool
  • Candidate Profile

Add Comment to a Candidate from Job Posting

  1. Go to Jobs from the top menu bar of the ATS.


  2. Click the title of a job posting.


  3. Click the ATS_-_Bubble_Icon_-_01.png Add a Comment icon from the Actions column for a candidate.


  4. Enter the comment and click Add Comment.


Add Note to a Candidate

Notes can only be added from the Candidate pages and can be hidden from users reviewing candidates at the job level.

Via Candidate List Via Candidate Profile
  1. Go to Candidates from the top menu bar of the ATS.


  2. Click the ATS_-_Bubble_Icon_-_01.png Add a Note icon from the Actions columns under the right.


  3. Enter the note and click Add Note when finished.


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