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How to Create a Job Requisition and Post the Job for the ATS

The Job Requisition process allows a user to formally request a new position or to fill an open position. The process begins with the user creating a job requisition, similar to how they would create a new job posting. After submitting the job requisition, it will go through the approvers until all approvers have approved the requisition. The original creator will then post the job posting. 

For information about the job requisition process, please refer to: Complete Guide to Job Requisition Approval

Table of Contents

Navigating to Jobs
From the Applicant Tracking System module, click Jobs.


Creating a Job Requisition

From the top right, click the Create Req button to show the available options:


  • From Scratch - Create a brand new job posting.
  • From a Draft - Continue working on a draft for a job posting.
  • From a Template - Create a new job posting based on an existing job template. You are able to make adjustments to your job template before posting.
  • From Existing Job - Create a new job posting from an existing job posting. 

Each option will have a similar process when creating the job requisition.

Job Details


Job Details allows you to enter information for the job requisition that will be viewed by requisition approvers, applicants, and additional job information/configuration for internal use. Some of the fields listed below may differ depending on other settings that you have enabled.

  • Supported Language - Job postings can be set to English and Spanish. When Spanish is enabled, additional "Spanish" fields will be available to use.


  • Confidential Job Posting - If enabled, the job will be posted to the few job boards that will accept confidential postings. For a list of job boards that allow this, please refer to the following article.


  • Requisition Code - (Optional) For internal use and reporting. You can add your own code or have the ATS generate one for you.


  • Job Title - (Required) Job Title to be advertised. The job title on a job ad should be an industry-recognized title and can differ from your internal job title.


  • Job Description - (Required) A description of the job such as company information, a list of job duties, and a list of requirements. Lists of 5 to 10 bullet points can provide a detailed enough description without becoming too lengthy.


  • Additional Job Information - This information will not be distributed and will only be displayed for internal use. Internal only information could include, but is not limited to, information like salary amount, manager, and other relevant notes.


  • Location Information & Postal Code - Where the job will be located. The Postal Code is required by job boards. The job posting can be posted in multiple locations.  If you have a job opening in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City, you may want to consider posting three separate job ads.


    • Country
    • Postal Code - (Required) The City and State will automatically populate if the zip code is within the US or Canada. All other fields will be manual entry.
    • City
    • State/Province/Region
    • Primary - (Required) Use this check box to designate the Primary location of the job; only 1 Primary Location can be assigned.
    • Career Page Display - Choose how to display this location on your career page. Show means the location will appear with the city and state displaying and Hidden means do not display on career page.
  • Length of job posting (days) (Optional) - The number of days a job will be ‘Open’ (posted) after the requisition is approved and posted. Some job boards may limit your posting to 30 days. We suggest you refresh job boards if open longer than 30 days.


  • Job Posting Fields - Any fields in this section are custom and controlled by the system admin. For more information about job posting fields, you can refer to the following article.


  • Auto Responder - Will send the candidate an email letting them know that their submission has been received. For information about creating an email template for "Auto Responder," you can refer to the following article.


  • EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) Job Category - This is optional and will be used in your AAP report to track candidates who participate in the voluntary affirmative action survey.


  • EEO Job Group - This is optional and can be used to group similar jobs together into one category.


  • Labels to Assign - When a label is selected from the drop-down menu, candidates will be given the specified label to make it easier for candidates with that label. (E.g. If you specified "Driver" as the label, the candidates will receive a "Driver" label. If you have an opening for a "Driver" in the future, you can search your candidate pool for candidates labeled "Driver" to save time in the recruitment process.


  • Assigned Recruiter & Hiring Manager(s) - Recruiters or Hiring Manager users assigned to a job can view jobs assigned to them, add comments to candidates attached to the job, forward/email candidates attached to the job, and edit candidate scores and stages for the job.


  • Approval Process - (Required) The approval process that this job requisition must go through before it can be posted.


  • Number of Openings - Defaults to one.


Application Details


From Application Details, you can create screening and scoring questions. You can create screening or scoring questions, specific to this job, and will disqualify unqualified applicants or calculate a star ranking for candidates. Questions may pull in from your job template. Depending on user permissions you may not be able to edit or add new questions.

  1. To add a new question: click the Click here to add a question or information hyperlink.


  2. A new box will appear. Select the type of question you would like to add.


    Expand for Question Options
    • Informational Text
      1. A text box will appear.
      2. Type your informational text into box.
      3. Click OK.
    • Open Ended Question
      1. A text box will appear.
      2. Type question into box.
      3. Click OK.
    • Yes or No – Qualification Question
      1. A text box will appear.
      2. Type question into box.
      3. Optional: Change Stage and Disposition dropdown.
      4. Click OK.
      5. If an email is attached to the selected stage or disposition, the candidate will receive the email once they have submitted their application.
    • Yes or No – Screening Question
      1. A text box will appear.
      2. Type question into box.
      3. Assign point values to yes or no responses.
      4. Click OK.
    • Multiple Choice – Scoring Question
      1. A text box will appear.
      2. Type question into the Question box.
      3. Type in first response option and select point value.
      4. Use the hyperlink to add additional responses.
      5. Click OK.
    • Multiple Choice – Qualification Question
      1. A text box will appear.
      2. Type question into box.
      3. Type in the first response option and select the corresponding stage or disposition.
      4. Use the hyperlink to add additional responses.
      5. Click OK.

Job Distribution

Job Distribution allows you to specify what job boards, social media, and referral networks will receive the job posting.

  • National Job Posting, Telecommunicating, & Career Page


    • National Job Posting - Distribute your job posting to job board partners as a National Posting. Visibility may be impacted; not all job boards will accept a National Posting.
      • For Indeed Users - The Indeed job board will not accept the 'National' toggle when posting a job. You will instead need to add "Remote" to the Location field for Indeed to view the job posting as a national posting.
    • Telecommunicating - Flag your position as a ‘Telecommute Position’ within the ATS. This will be available for reporting in the future. Use ‘Telecommute’ in the job description to assist job seekers in finding your position.
    • Your Career Page - The job posting will be posted to your company’s career page in real-time, allowing candidates to see your jobs & apply without leaving your website.
  • Free Job Boards - Toggle which free job boards you would like to post your job to.
    • For a list of the currently available free job boards, you can refer to the following article.
    • For more information about controlling the free job distribution, you can refer to the following article.


  • Paid Job Boards - Toggle which paid job boards you would like to post your job to. The dollar amounts listed are for a one-time, 30-day posting on these paid job boards.
    • For a list of the currently available paid job boards, you can refer to the following article.


  • Social Media and Referral Networks


    • Social Media - Specify which social media networks you will post your job to. The options available can depend on what has been enabled/disabled by the system admin.
      • For more information about disabling/enabling social media, you can refer to the following article.
    • Referral Networks - Specify which referral networks should be alerted to your job posting. The selected referral networks will receive an email the following night of the job being posted.

Confirm & Post

  • Review your job requisition to ensure it will appear as expected. If you are satisfied, click Next.


  • A dialog will open with the text that will be emailed to the approver. Adjust the email text as necessary. When finished, click Send Requisition.


Requisition Status


After the job requisition email has been sent, you will be taken to a page showing the status of the job requisition with job details, approval path, approval status, and actions you can take. From here you can review which approvers have submitted their approval or need to resend the approval email at any time. The job requisition can be edited by clicking Open for Editing.

Approval Process and Posting the Job

What Approvers Do

When the Job Requisition has been submitted, the Approvers will receive emails to approve or deny the requisition. 

  • The approver will receive an email like below and click Click here to submit your reply.


  • The approver will view a page giving the details of the job requisition.


  • At the bottom of the job requisition details, the approver can either confirm or deny the job requisition and enter any relevant comments. They will click Send Response when finished.
    • If approved, an email will be sent to the next level of approver and you can see the approval status update in the ATS.
    • If declined at any time, the original requestor will get an email indicating that the job requisition was declined with a link to review the job requisition and approver comments. The original requestor can update the job requisition and start the approval process again from the beginning.


Reviewing Status and Posting the Job

As the required approvers send their response, the job requisition status page will indicate if the approval is still pending, if it has been denied, or if it has been approved and when. 


If Job Requisition Denied

  • If any approver denies the job requisition, the original requestor will receive an email indicating that the job requisition has been denied with a link to review the job requisition.


  • The requestor can click the link to view the job requisition details and
    • Click plus-circle-solid.png next to the approvers name to review any comments.  
    • Click Open for Editing to make any updates and restart the job requisition approval process from the beginning.

If Job Requisition Approved

  • If the job requisition has been fully approved, the creator will receive an email indicating that the job requisition has been approved and is ready for posting.


  • Clicking the link will take you to the job requisition details. Click Post Job from Requisition and confirm the job posting. The job will now be posted to the job distribution channels selected when creating the job requisition. 


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