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Employee Profile Details for Account Admin

The Details tab is where an Admin can view and edit an employee profile.

Navigating to the Employee Profile
  • From Talent Management, click Account Admin from the menu near the top-right.


  • Click Edit for the employee to view their profile.


  • The Details tab should be the initial tab you see when viewing the employee profile.


Profile Photo & Status


Profile Photo
A picture of the employee can be uploaded here by someone with the Admin role. Click Change Picture to browse and upload. The photo is a great visual within the Succession Planning module. If not using Succession Planning, adding photos is not recommended. The photo uploaded to Details is NOT tied to the employee photo on the Dashboard module. Employees can upload their own photo within the Dashboard > My Profile.
Anyone set to Active will have access to the system and those set to Inactive will no longer have access to the system. Inactive employees are NOT deleted from the system and can be made Active again by editing their account details and switching their Inactive status to Active Employee.
Change Employee
The drop-down menu allows you to jump between different employees in Talent Management.

Personal Information


Display Name
Display name is what is displayed within a list view of employees. For example, if their First Name is listed as Joseph, the Display Name might be Joe.
The username is used by the employee to sign in to the system. The username must be unique. It is common to use an email address.
Work, Home,
and Home Phone
The phone numbers can only be seen by an Administrator.
While email address does NOT need to be unique, it is used for all email communication from the system. Examples of those emails include: forgot password reset, assignment of an evaluation, course registration, learning plan, reminder notifications, etc. If your employees do not have an email address, you can apply their manager's email. Please note, the manager would then receive all communication that would otherwise have been sent to the employee. If you are not concerned with the email notifications and/or your employees do not have email addresses, you can make up something generic such as
The gender can only be seen by an Administrator.
The ethnicity can only be seen by an Administrator.
Are you willing to relocate?
This is only seen within the Account Admin Employee Profile and the Succession Planning Career Preferences tab.
Relocation Notes
Relocation Notes information will show up within the People view for managers. This does NOT populate the Relocatable Location within Succession Planning > Talent Slate.

Job Details


Employee ID
The Employee ID is usually generated by HR systems as a way to identify and look up employees.
Job Title
Job Title is associated with an employee and seen within their profile by Manager and Admin.
Job Code
Job Codes are used as a classification for your employees, typically more detailed than a department, but less specific than Job Title.
Groups are a way to classify users in the Talent suite under the Account Admin section. For example, a New Hire Group can be created, and users assigned to that group. A New Hire Learning Plan can then be assigned to that group and all members of that group would automatically be assigned to the Learning Plan. Groups are used when auto-assigning training in the LMS.
Hire Date,
Last Promotion Date
and Next Evaluation Date
These fields are important if using the Performance Module. Evaluations can be assigned by Hire Date, Last Promotion Date, or Next Evaluation Date. If these fields are not populated, the only option to use when scheduling evaluations is Custom Date. These fields can be viewed by the Manager and Admin.
The direct manager of the employee.
Departments are used to assign training and to filter employees by within Succession Planning. Department Number (limited to 10 characters) and Department are required fields when creating new. Department Name is used for the Import and is applied to the dropdown menu when selecting by the department. Department Number is not used, but required. If using an import file or API, Department(s) will need to be created before doing an import.
Location the employee is working at or reporting into. Must match the Location Name in the Talent System.
The salary information, if populated, can be seen by the Manager's view of their direct/indirect reports and is optional to add to the header of an evaluation/performance review. This field accepts numeric values only.
Termination Date
Termination Date does not automatically make an employee Inactive. This is an alternative field to use when viewing an inactive employee to see when they were terminated.
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