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Required Employee Fields for Import into Talent Management

When importing employees in bulk into Talent Management, there are a few required fields for them to be successfully imported. 

For more information about importing employees into Talent Management, you can refer to the following article.

User Fields Field Description
Last Name Last Name of employee.
First Name First Name of employee.
  • This will be used by users to log in to the system.
  • The username must be unique within the Arcoro system.
  • We strongly suggest using their email address as their username.
  • If you are using SSO, this value should simply be populated with an email address.
Email Employee's email (this does not have to unique).
Hire Date Hire can be used for assigning Evaluations.
Employee ID
  • The employee ID is typically generated from an HRIS system.
  • If not using an HRIS integration, establish an employee ID format.
  • For example, email address, first name and last name (bobsmith), etc.
Job Code*
  • Use for assigning Training and Evaluations.
  • Must match the Code in the Talent System, not the Title, Description, or Position Code.
  • For more information about job codes, you can refer to the following article.
  • The direct manager for the employee. The format can be Username or First Name Last Name.
    • Username is recommended for companies that may have employees with the same name
  • Location the employee is working at or reporting into.
  • Must match the Location Name in the Talent System.
  • For more information about locations, you can refer to the following article.
  • Use a value of 1, TRUE, or YES to make a user active
  • Use value of 0, FALSE, or NO to make a user inactive.
  • Active status allows user to receive notifications and appear in lists to be assigned training and evaluations.
  • Inactive status removes notifications and user will not appear in lists to be assigned training and evaluations.
  • Note: Users can be made active/inactive with turnover or rehire
Manager Role
  • TRUE value for managers
  • FALSE value for non-managers.
SSO Username Used only when SSO has been purchased and is part of the contract. Contact your Implementation Specialist or Account Manager for more information.

* Fields that must be populated PRIOR to importing employees into the system.

Additional Notes

  • All items can be changed/edited after the import is complete.
  • All employees added will have the default "Employee" role assigned to them automatically.
  • The manager role is assigned via the import for those with 'Manager Role' marked as True.
  • All other roles are assigned manually.
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